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An Indian monk Bodhi Dharma, who is known as Ta-Mo in China and Daruma Daishi in Japan, is considered to be father of oriental martial arts way back in 540 AD.

Until 1920 there was no term called Karate. Master Gichin Funakoshi (November 10, 1868 – April 26, 1957), travelled to mainland Japan from Okinawa and all his research got gave this unique are the name and term of Karate. O-sensei Gichin Funakoshi is regarded as Father of modern day karate.

It was Master Hidetaka Nishiyama (October 10, 1926 – November 7, 2008), the direct disciple of O-Sensei Gichin Funkoashi, who contributed in institutionalizing karate as competitive sports. Interestingly it was his birthday, October 10, that was chosen as the date for the 1st World Championship in 1970 in Tokyo, Japan.

Sensei Rajeev Sinha is the direct disciple of O-sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama. Sensei Sinha, a 1984 Rothmans World Cup Runner-up, has his years of Research and Development compiled as new system of professional Karate. Having worked in various capacities globally, Sensei Sinha has held key offices in the world structure. Right from its Director to President, Sensei Sinha currently holds the office of the Chairman – Managing Director of the WPKC (World Professional Karate Corporation Ltd.). He is inventor of new competition format of Ultimate Karate and owns Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of UKL Ultimate Karate League and Yokenko Rules.

How is Sports Governed Worldwide

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World Karate Structure

Ultimate Karate Structure

About UKPL (Ultimate Karate Private Limited)

Ultimate Karate Private Limited (CIN – U92490DL2015NPL287265), the company set-up by Sensei Rajeev Sinha in 2015 is an integrated Karate research & development organization set to redefine karate in the world of global entertainment. The company consists of a portfolio of unique business models that intend to create and deliver original content 52 weeks a year to the global audience.

Transformation from Private Limited to Public Limited Company

Incorporated as a Private Limited company on 13 May 2015 is preparing to convert itself into a Public Limited Company and be a listed company in major stock exchanges in time to come.

Flagship Brands – UKL and CuppaSchoola

UKL Ultimate Karate League and CuppaSchoola are the two major registered brands that industry assesses as product of very high value. The Company has acquired both the Intellectual Properties on Royalty basis from its owner.

UKL Board of Governors

Sensei Dr. (Prof.) Ilija Jorga

The Living Legend Sensei Ilija Jorga, 10th Dan, University Professor of Medicine, with over 800 joint scientific research, having started Karate in 1959 and played instrumental role in popularization of karate in more than 120 countries, Sensei Ilija Jorga founded FUDOKAN in 1980. A protégé of O-Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama, Sensei Ilija is Chairman of Board of Governors of UKL.

Sensei Dr. (Prof.) Vladimir Jorga

Sensei Vladimir Jorga, 10th Dan, University Professor of Medicine, with over 800 joint scientific research, started Karate in 1957 and played instrumental role in popularization of karate worldwide. Sensei Vladimir remained undisputed leader. Currently he is Dean of ECPD under UNO. A protégé of Sensei Taiji Kase and Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama, Sensei Vladimir is the co-chair of Board of Governors of UKL.

Executive Board

rajeev sinha

Sensei Rajeev Sinha

Chairman and Managing Director, UKPL & UKL

Life President of the World Fudokan Federation, IPR Owner of the UKL Ultimate Karate League, 1984 World Cup Silver-medalist, Chairman of the Indian Professional Karate Council (IPKC), IPR Owner of CuppaSchoola. With over 46+ years of experience in Karate, Sensei is visiting professor to a number of European and North American countries renowned for his research and development.

akshat sinha

Akshat Sinha

Director, UKPL

Chief architect of audio-visual content, Development and distribution , cinematography, Editing, VFX and TV programming. A Reliance AIMS grad in Film making, all the UKL content for Discovery Channel’s Dsport and OTT platform is designed and developed by him.

Petr Suja (Czech Republic)

Executive Board

20+ years of experience in Project/ Program Management with demonstrated history of working in Telecommunications, IT, services industry and other sectors e.g. Public, HR, Logistics, Petr Suja is a World and European Karate Champion. Skilled and certified in international Project Management methodologies (PMI, PRINCE, PROPS-C), ITIL and Service Delivery. Successfully managed number of projects and programs involving delivery of HW, SW development and consultancy.

Durjay Singh

Executive Board

Euro-Asia gold medalist, Master in IT from London, UK. Entrepreneur with 16+ years of experience in technology and innovations. Ownership of 3 companies in UK and India dealing with IBM, GE, Vodafone, Mercedes, BMW. Innovated cutting edge technologies for educational institutions in the U.K.

nishant krishna

Nishant K. Krishna

Executive Board

Entrepreneur, Software Architect, Innovator and Inventor with 18+ years of experience working on Architecture, Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies, EdTech, Cloud and Virtualization, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Machine Learning, security compliance, and API Development. Owner of multiple granted patents in the areas of Network Management Systems, Cloud, Virtualization, SDN Technologies and Security. Machine Learning, IoT, UX, Security, Cryptography, Anti-Counterfeiting technologies. He is a Contributor to IEEE standard (IEEE P1931.1), and member of subcommittees and working groups working on defining standards for IoT and Smart Cities.

Satish Shetty

Satish Shetty

Executive Board

An avid sports lover, left behind a successful career in marketing & real estate business , to pursue his passion for sports and fitness in an entrepreneurial venture. In addition to ownership of chain of restaurants, Satish is a hardcore marketing professional with nearly 16 years of experience in strategies and acquisitions.

Swati Aggarwal

Executive Board

With over two decades of relentless services in the education industry, Swati is highly proficient in conceptualized strategies for business development and developing new market segments for maximizing business growth.

Sameer Khan

Sameer Khan

Executive Board

With over 30 years’ experience as business owner, Sameer Khan is the entrepreneur who grew three businesses from start-up to millions in annual sales. A consummate professional with a high degree of personal integrity, Sameer is known for a contagious passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business solutions with capacity for motivational leadership.

Imran Shaikh

Imran Shaikh

Executive Board

A dynamic entertainment professional with a fine balance of creative acuity and commercial acumen, Imran Shaikh, brings in his years of Bollywood experience in creative, finance and production of entertainment projects in India and abroad. Prior to his journey into entertainment industry, Imran had an illustrious career in the Banking industry.

UKL World Leaders

UKL world leaders