Ultimate Karate League

Athlete Registration

Athelete Registration

One Time Registration, Lifetime Opportunities

UKL has set-up Athletes Register for players from around the World.
There is a nominal ONE TIME non-refundable registration fee to meet operational expenses for life.

Benefits of Registration in Athletes Register are as under:
  • Access to all UKL Ultimate Karate Leagues under applicable terms & conditions
  • Access to UKL sanctioned Events under applicable terms & conditions
  • Eligibility for participation in UKL Pro-Am Championships
  • Eligibility for participation in UKL Athletes Grooming programs
  • Opportunity to get positioned for auctioning in the UKL Teams with handsome salary component
  • Eligibility for World Athletes Rating
  • Invitation to participate in UKL Summit under applicable terms & conditions
  • Availability to participate in and travel to sanctioned tournaments and festivals
  • Opportunity to participate in UKL Reality Shows telecast across various TV channels and OTT Platforms under applicable terms & conditions
Fee: US $ 10 (Rs. 700 only) for Life
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Athletic Achievements
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