Ultimate Karate League

UKL is conglomeration of World’s top fighters and Legendary Masters

founders Ultimate Karate League

With galaxy of international stars, the UKL will feature matches that are entertaining, action packed – appealing to all sports fans in India and across the world. “Hometown Warriors” made up of elite fighters from each of the eight cities shall lead their teams to the battle of glory every season.

The two-week League Season-1 has World Champions as Marquee Players. Both the male and female athletes have been World and European Champions. Indian athletes with very high potential have made their way into the respective Teams through stringent screening process. Their inclusions are based on the their past performances at IPKC National Championships.

Legendary Masters Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jorga, both in their early 80s, are the iconic figures of karate who constitute the Board of Governors of the UKL and shall be present during the entire session.

Sensei Rajeev Sinha, the creator and Intellectual Property Rights Owner of the UKL shall supervise the entire proceedings.

Top Fighters of Season-1 include

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