Ultimate Karate League

New Teams Franchise


Played against the backdrop of highly successful UKL Season-1, coupled with the world-class players from across the world, the Ultimate Karate League has established itself as the only franchise based Karate League of the world. With overwhelming public response, we foresee major growth in the UKL.

The UKL Ultimate Karate League has already generated significant broadcaster and new media interest In sports markets. Each season of UKL will focus on up to six weeks of thrilling match-ups giving the opportunity for considerable media exposure. The new League has been designed to captivate audiences on traditional and new media & digital platforms through innovative broadcast practices. Significant emphasis has been placed on reaching out to the target group of youth, children and families to allow greater engagement opportunities through such channels for partners and sponsors alike.

UKL Season-1 had 6 Indian Teams, i.e., Bengaluru Kings, Chandigarh Fighters, Delhi Bravehearts, Kolkata Radicals, Mumbai Ninjas, Ranchi Rebels.

Now 5 New Teams from Asia and Europe are added:

  1. Rajasthan (India)
  2. UP West (India)
  3. DHAKA (Bangladesh)
  4. PRAGUE (Czech Republic)
  5. BELGRADE (Serbia)

Interested parties may write to: info@ukl.world