Ultimate Karate League

UKL Studio Franchise


What is UKL Studio?

UKL Studio is chain of franchise based training schools setup to train students at grass-root level, select, groom athletes for tournaments, professional matches, TV programs and Web-series.

There shall be One Franchisee in each district appointed for 5 years to be renewed every 5 years.

There is very sound eco-system for each of the Franchisee to capitalize upon numerous opportunities in UKL Studio.

What is UKL Studio Program?

UKL Studio Program includes: Unique Training Module, Regular Training by Qualified Coaches, Schools events, District-State-National-World Tournament participation.

UKL Studio offers complete package from training, grooming to TV Reality Shows.

Why is UKL Studio Required?

UKL is bigger Brand of future owing to its TV positioning and needs grass-root mobilization on its own.

Karate centers under various associations or styles names are part of the lost identities amongst “mushroomed farm”, whereas UKL Studio stands out as the ONLY brand in the market.

UKL Studio alone shall be the source of all athletes for UKL League, TV programming and Web-series.

The term Studio communicates its philosophy “training to stardom” that shall attract mass participation.

District Franchisees – Global Aspiration / From Grass-root training – to – Journey to Glory

Interested in District Franchise?

Please write to: info@ukl.world